101k Ultra Trail Run

Paradise Trails Goa is a UTMB qualifier with 2 points (4 new) in the 101 kms category awarded by ITRA (International Trail Running Association)

Prepare to be awed. Prepare to be challenged. But above all, prepare to run against time for the 101 K segment of Paradise Trials is not going to be an ordinary run. Starting at dawn, the trails of this segment will lead runners through a short, sandy beach trail towards a merging river intersection. From here, runners will begin their journey upstream away from the sea and will run in the shadow of towering mangroves, coconut trees, before hitting the first of the two preservation forest areas.

It is from here that the real test begins. Once you enter the forest, a whole different world of trail running will begin. The trails are runnable, but as the forest converges on you, it will get all the more difficult to navigate through the thick tree lines and uneven terrain with every step. Your only best friend in forest area will be your GPS. Follow it at all times.

The forest is home to the local population and the village of Kuskem will be a vital aid station, for from here, you will ascend onto the highest elevation of the race – the RavanDoongar. It's going to be a breathtaking view of the preservation from here. Descending from this peak, will lead runners into another preservation area, Netravali.

Monsoon would have freshly passed by this time, leaving behind lush foliage for as far as your eyes can see. Yes, wild animals do exist in the preservation, but they mostly come out at night. During the day, you will be running to the tunes of chirping birds and hum of the wind. We have strict cut-off times enforced for the forest area, so don't be a wanderer and keep your spirit of running on your soles at all times. Cutting narrow passes that look down in to beautiful valleys, you will arrive at your next aid station by a beautiful waterfall. Take a moment to refresh yourself physically and mentally, before embarking on your journey back towards the beach, and to the finish line.

This final home stretch will take you through Goa's iconic local villages, with medium ascends and descends. The lagoon at the finish line will indeed be a sight for your sore feet and concluding the race for the 101 K runners will at the end amount to an experience they will cherish for a lifetime.

Race Route and Elevation Chart

Race Route