Paradise Trails Goa is the highlight reel of Goa's best-kept secrets. From secluded beaches, deepest forests all the way to peaks with majestic views, Paradise Trails has it all. Runners of this race will truly embark on a journey that is an experience of its own. The trails have a great variety of technical ascents and descents akin to some of the hill and mountain races in Europe, where runners will need to be fully aware of the natural obstacles on and around the trail. They will also have to run in unison with the nature of the trails, meaning runners will not only have to be tough, they will have to be adaptive as well.

The trails will also lead our runners through 2 wildlife sanctuaries. These reserves are home to some great animals, birds and foliage. Every one of you will be running under a thick canopy of trees that tower as high as 40-50 feet. The highest elevation that runners are required to conquer here is about 350 feet of the hill called Ravan Dungar.

All the while you are running the friendly residents of the forest area will greet you. The fertile land of South Goa has attracted settlements who have made agriculture their main source of livelihood. The Goan folk are known for their upbeat attitude, and naturally they will pass on some of their enthusiasm to you as well so don't forget to wave back at them and soak in some of that good karma.