Race Director

Dan Lawson

Dan 'Awesome' Lawson, as he is fondly known in the running community hails from Great Britain. This man, with a natural talent for ultra running has often been referred to as 'a force of nature', a runner with a passion for endurance that has seen him bag innumerable records on trail, road and even treadmill alike! But, that's the Dan the world knows. Here's what we have to say about him...

When we first met Dan, it was at Run the Rann Edition 2. This lean man, in his signature minimalist clothing was set to run our newest addition to the race, the 161 K (100 Miles) segment. We didn't know then that his dubbed middle name was ‘Awesome’ and we definitely did not know that this runner, with his shirt-less strides, would make it through one of the toughest races out there in some 24 odd hours, almost 8 hours ahead of the second place finisher! Indulging ourselves in recollecting his experience of the race, we got just the feedback that a seasoned runner would give and the type that every serious race organizer yearns for.

It was the beginning of our good friendship with this great runner from here on. What started as casual conversations between him and our director Hiral, about running, soon took a turn towards building a partnership, when we invited him to become the Race Director for Paradise Trails, Goa. "Minimalism is a part of his charm and he is the most modest runner I have known." said Hiral. Coupled with the fact that Dan has been living in and out of Goa for over 10 years now made him an ideal choice for this responsible post.

On the trail, Dan ran like a man on a mission. He was on the trail like machine, digging out some of the most scenic routes, you'll ever see. Being his debut as a race director, he has really put his best sole forward, and we are really excited to host you on the trails he has created.

On this note, we bid Dan a warm welcome to Team Uphill, and look forward to using his running acumen to create the best running experiences for you in the years to come.